Nazeeh Vahora

About myself

I'm a

frontend engineer


technical writer

. I love creating full-stack web apps and building stuff on the blockchain. I also like to share my knowledge in my


. I love building public goods, dev tools and contributing to the OSS projects. I am also an active contributor and member of

Developer DAO





, I have also developed a few projects involving


. I am proficient in various platforms and languages. Able to effectively self-manage during independent projects, as well as collaborate as part of a productive team.

Current Status

Frontend Engineer at ReImagined Finance

OSS Contributor at Developer DAO andGitcoin DAO

My projects

I have been working as a frontend engineer in the


ecosystem since 2020. These are some of my best projects:

  1. ReImagined Finance : Currently I'm working here as a frontend engineer. I joined here in Jan'22 and worked on the redesigning of the website.
  2. Chakra UI Carousel: A fully customizable Carousel library built on top of Chakra UI. User can modify the carousel to their liking by passing the Chakra props.
  3. Completed Speedrun ethereum challanges : Completed speedrun challenges, which showcases my knowledge of Solidity. I have around 1 year of experience in Solidity and have also published few articles on solidity, hardhat, foundry and vyper.
  4. Lens Protocol Subgraph: Currently the Lens API is hosted on centralized server and is not decentralized. So Developing the subgraph for the Lens Protocol API will enable every user to host his own decentralized API using sub-graph.
  5. Contributed toweb3-ui: A React UI library made for web3 specifc use cases.
  6. Lens-Protocol Livepeer integration: This is MVP where I've implemented the idea of live streaming using LivePeer and integrating it with Lens Protocol. So that user can Sign in using his lens id and go live. Once the stream is setup successfuly, the link to join the live stream gets posted from the user's profile and other people following him/her on Lens can join the stream.
  7. MEMES.PARTY is the de facto meme site in web3 to rate, curate, celebrate, and proliferate meme culture and memelords in perpetuity!
  8. Recruiter party: A decentralized recruitment platform built on top of Scaffold Eth.
  9. Pay party: A tool used to distribute compensation to team members based on democratic principles.
  10. Tip party: Tip Party allows you to easily drop any ERC-20 token to contributors of a DAO.
  11. MoonSwap: Enable Autonomous Organizations to put forth proposals to swap, borrow, lend and stream tokens from their treasuries to empower shared interest and foster long term partnerships between DAOs
  12. Meshare: A question-answer website for experienced and enthusiast developers. Any developer folk, who knows the workaround of the question or knows the solution can propose it.

My Upcoming project

  1. DeStack: A decentralized platform for the devs to post their questions/doubts and put bounty on it. User will be able to sign in using their Lens id and post their questions.


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